Coded printing element and apparatus for use thereof


The printing mechanism comprises a printing element having a number of types and a coded region (26) in order to identify the design and the orientation of the printing element. A sensor scans the coding, and the output of the sensor is used to control the spacing between the characters and the force of the hammer with which the hammer strikes against the types. The printing element is constructed as a daisywheel, the individual types being held at the end of a multiplicity of radially extending spokes, thus resulting in a substantially circular arrangement. The coded region (26), which identifies the printing element (10) and its alignment, is arranged with spacing from the circular type arrangement in a substantially curved manner which lies concentrically to the circular arrangement of the types. In the printing mechanism comprising such a printing element, both the spacing between the individual characters and the striking force of the hammer are adjusted automatically in accordance with the printing element used in each case. <IMAGE>




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