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US-1916400-A: Abc control device patent, US-1916560-A: Load discharging car patent, US-1917229-A: Treatment of iron sulphide-bearing material patent, US-1917838-A: Safety pin holder patent, US-191829-A: Improvement in harness-saddles patent, US-1918619-A: Process of producing microscopic specimens for the observation of the surfaces of substances patent, US-1919333-A: Hand bag patent, US-1921042-A: Fan patent, US-1921806-A: Heat exchange apparatus patent, US-1922052-A: Garment press patent, US-1922078-A: Window cleaning device patent, US-19224-A: Hydkattlic engine patent, US-1922854-A: Cardboard box patent, US-1923298-A: Glove patent, US-1926143-A: Time controlled apparatus patent, US-1926519-A: Method of regulating pressure and apparatus therefor patent, US-1926686-A: Method of locking together metal sheets patent, US-1926744-A: Process for extracting alumina patent, US-1926914-A: Conveying device patent, US-1927900-A: Facsimile transmitter patent, US-1927905-A: Potential transformer fuse patent, US-1927939-A: Ore concentration patent, US-1927961-A: Process of preparing levo-1-phenyl-2-methylamino-propanol-1 patent, US-1929020-A: Lighting apparatus patent, US-1929238-A: Traction and antiskid chain patent, US-1930237-A: fuller patent, US-1930589-A: Machine and method of swedging characters on metal articles patent, US-1930620-A: Mechanic's electric headlight patent, US-1930658-A: Railway journal box patent, US-1931572-A: Vehicle body patent, US-1932814-A: Draft rigging patent, US-1932964-A: Balanced plug valve patent, US-1933666-A: Draft rigging patent, US-1935145-A: Washer, spinner, and drier patent, US-1935309-A: Spring-forming mechanism patent, US-1936003-A: Gas furnace patent, US-1936812-A: Hand tool such as wrenches and the like patent, US-1936841-A: Internal combustion engine patent, US-1936942-A: Foot and leg support for chiropodists' chairs patent, US-1937023-A: Electrode for electron discharge devices patent, US-1937197-A: Bumper construction and method of making the same patent, US-1937200-A: Brake patent, US-1937412-A: Web roll stopping device patent, US-1938292-A: Operator for soap dispensers patent, US-193903-A: Improvement in door and alarm bells patent, US-1939412-A: Ejector lock and conditioning means for dictation machines patent, US-1939659-A: Gum inhibitor for hydrocarbons patent, US-194023-A: William winkel patent, US-1940744-A: Stair tread device patent, US-1941602-A: Photographic camera patent, US-194214-A: Improvement in machines for polishing paper patent, US-1943238-A: Television method and apparatus patent, US-1943443-A: Method of coating sheet material patent, US-1943488-A: Toy boat patent, US-1943738-A: Process and composition for hardening copper patent, US-1943943-A: Method of making malt beverages patent, US-1944927-A: Holder for fountain pens patent, US-1945087-A: Method of treating cast hollow ingots patent, US-1947313-A: Leather brace patent, US-1947631-A: Fork for wheeled vehicles patent, US-1948139-A: Rotary flying shear patent, US-1948820-A: Water-sealed receptacle patent, US-1949106-A: Pressure regulating device for a hot water heating system patent, US-1949945-A: Steam-heating system for hosiery driers and the like patent, US-1950827-A: Process for the manufacture of alkyl halides patent, US-1951250-A: Process of producing calcium butyrate patent, US-195221-A: Improvement in steam-radhators patent, US-1952444-A: Mount for containers patent, US-1953230-A: Speed control means for metal forming machines and the like patent, US-1953593-A: Circuit continuing device patent, US-1953809-A: Liquid fuel or carburetor cooler patent, US-1954185-A: Method of transmitting signals on short radiowaves patent, US-1956315-A: Brake patent, US-195732-A: Improvement in bag-holder and truck combined patent, US-1957372-A: Sleigh runner patent, US-1958293-A: Railway car retarder patent, US-1958714-A: Protective overcoating patent, US-195885-A: Improvement in harness-loops patent, US-195916-A: Improvement in barrel-holder and skid patent, US-1960476-A: Floral piece and unit for use therewith patent, US-1961529-A: Casting ingots patent, US-1961600-A: Method of making tanks patent, US-1961678-A: Paving material and process of making same patent, US-196197-A: Improvement in machinery for splitting and beveling leather patent, US-196198-A: Improvement in gathering devices for sewing-machines patent, US-1962063-A: Air relief valve for steam radiators patent, US-1962284-A: Dispensing can patent, US-1962622-A: Solvent extraction of hydrocarbon oil patent, US-1962845-A: Apparatus for cooling liquids patent, US-1962857-A: Fluid operated control system for vehicles patent, US-1963547-A: Journal box and bearing structure patent, US-1963773-A: Apparatus for effecting alignment of pattern pieces on garment fabric patent, US-1963995-A: Draft door for orchard heaters patent, US-1964366-A: Lawn edger patent, US-196465-A: Improvement in faucet-shields patent, US-1964681-A: Extruding machine patent, US-1964735-A: Suspension for vehicles patent, US-1964859-A: Slug casting mold patent, US-1964970-A: Valve seat tool patent, US-196614-A: Improvement in revolving shutters patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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